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  • Todd Dudley is a lawyer’s lawyer. Literally. When an attorney friend of mine got jammed up he hired Todd to represent him and he did an outstanding job. I highly recommend this lawyer.

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  • Todd Dudley was a light in shining armor for our family in a very UNJUST situation. my son had been put in a situation that really left us heartbroken. Not only was he able to defend us from the accusations, his calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional support for my son and myself.
    He is …

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  • Mr. Dudley was kind and extremely competent attorney. I had an extremely complex legal problem and he walked me through it with patience.I got a not-guilty on my case after a jury trial in Williamson County, Texas.

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  • I worked this Mr. Dudley on behalf of a friend who was incarcerated, and it was imperative that this case be dismissed in order to get parole. Mr Dudley was a court appointed, NON-PAID attorney in this case, but he treated it like a paid case, was agressive, dedicated, smart strategist and most i…

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  • Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value
    Mr. Dudley represented me several years ago for a felony DWI. While there was no excuse for my offensive and plead no contest,,,, He was able to get me probation. He was only able to do this as he was on top of everything from the very beginning. …

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  • Amazing attorney , helped out very smart as well, and Good person. Thank you Mr. Dudley for all your help few years ago.

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  • Todd Dudley saved my life and my career just as it was getting started 13yrs ago. A crazy circumstance that lead to bogus charges by an individual known to manipulate everything around him could have ended my career before it even got started. My wife and mother of my son, whom I’ve been married …

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  • Todd Is A Amazing Lawyer Had A Different Lawyer Before Him And For 5 Months I Had The Same Offer Todd Came In And Within 3-4 Hours On Our First Court Date He Got My Charge Downgraded ….. He Is A Very Good Lawyer  

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  • Todd dudley did his job I will be see him again when I need him he always honest with me and if he say that he can handle it he can handle it 💯 even he don’t answer his phone and when he see u he will talk about everything and about what he is going to do. Thanks you very much for helping me Todd…

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