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Matt G Recommends Todd Dudley

Todd Dudley saved my life and my career just as it was getting started 13yrs ago. A crazy circumstance that lead to bogus charges by an individual known to manipulate everything around him could have ended my career before it even got started. My wife and mother of my son, whom I've been married to for 12 years now, by all rights could have been scared off by the charges and happenstance that occurred only 3 months after her arriving in Austin. However, Dudley did his job above and beyond. He maneuvered exactly how he needed to in order to control the trial. He prepped me well and although I was nervous, I had no fears while on the stand with him in my corner. He attacked the dishonestly that had me on trial in the first place. He did right. He did his job. Can't say enough about how lucky I was to have had him representing me. Thanks brother! 13yrs later I can confidently say that your efforts weren't wasted. Thank you. I am so glad to hear you are doing well. And thanks for the kind words.    

– Matt G

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